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VERITAS Entertainment Signs Advertisement Partnership With Anzu

VERITAS Entertainment, one of the leading Berlin-based venue developers, has signed a partnership with Anzu, the in-game advertising platform.

The partnership between the two companies will focus on offering enhanced brand integration to advertisers. Advertisers who are looking to promote their products in games and esports tournaments will be able to benefit from the combined strengths of VERITAS and Anzu.

Comments From the Companies’ Officials

Officials from VERITAS say that they are happy about working with Anzu to enhance brand integration in esports. They also say that they’ve been following Anzu for the past year and that they are impressed by their vision.

Dorian Gorr, Managing Director of VERITAS Entertainment, commented on the deal and said:

“We’re thrilled to work together with Anzu to push the limits of what brand integration looks like in esports. In collaboration with Itamar Benedy and his team, we will help companies that want to enter the esports space to position their products and messages in completely new ways that are more immersive than ever before. We’ve been following the progress of Anzu over the past year and are nothing but impressed by their vision, which fits perfectly to the LVL brand.”

Representatives from Anzu say that they are always looking to expand their limits and that the partnership with LVL is the perfect example of that. They are thrilled about working with VERITAS and they are looking forward to starting a global phenomenon. 

Veritas Entertainment Anzu Partnership

Itamar Benedy, Co-founder and CEO of Anzu, commented:

“Anzu is always looking to push the limits of what was considered possible–and this new partnership with LVL is the perfect example of just that! We’re thrilled to collaborate with a true innovator that creates real-life, interactive video games and esports experiences for eager fans while still taking full advantage of the digital nature of the medium through their live streams and tournaments. We look forward to what will surely be the first step in a global phenomenon, starting right here in Berlin!”

In Other News

VERITAS Entertainment opened its LVL gaming establishment in Berlin, after raising $10 million in funding. 

As far as Anzu goes, the Israel-based startup won the Clutch Digital 2020 at ESI Digital Summer. 

Source: Nicholson, Jonno “VERITAS Entertainment establishes advertisement-focused deal with Anzu” https://esportsinsider.com/2020/08/veritas-entertainment-anzu/ esportsinsider.com August 26, 2020

Written by: Kord's Network

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