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Three Big Esports Deals in October 2019

The month of October was full of important esports deals, partnerships, and news that have furthered the development of the industry, bringing it closer and closer to what one might the mainstream.

In this article, we will take you through some of the key points that marked the month of October from a business perspective.

G2 Esports Has Begun a Strategic Partnership with Hdac Technology

For esports fans, G2 Esports really needs no introduction, being a famous organization with past and present top-level teams in games such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But who is Hdac Technology?

The short answer to this question is “a blockchain technology company”. This is rather surprising, as we haven’t had that many high-level esports companies make deals with lesser-known companies from an uncertain industry such as the blockchain one.

It’s been a while now since we’ve been hearing about the revolutionary blockchain breakthroughs that are knocking at our doors and might revolutionize our way of doing things. But so far, we haven’t seen that much action. So when an established company such as G2 Esports enters a partnership with an entity that’s associated with cryptocurrencies and things of that nature, you need to start wondering: has the long-awaited blockchain revolution begun?

G2 Esports Partners With Hdac Technology
Image via https://esportsinsider.com/

As part of the deal, Hdac Technology will be serving as a jersey sponsor for G2’s CS:GO and PUBG teams. The deal, of course, is more complex than that and G2’s CEO had this to say about the partnership in a recent release:

“The merging of blockchain and IoT technologies with gaming is the next step for tech growth in both industries. As trailblazers in esports, G2 is proud to partner with an exciting technology brand like Hdac and support them in their vision to bring innovative solutions to our players and fans.” – Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez

Freaks 4U Gaming’s 99Liga Lists Monster Energy as a Partner

Monster Energy, the famous energy drinks producer that has been conquering the world of esports for the past five years, was listed as 99Liga’s partner. The Berlin-based esports and gaming company, Freaks 4U Gaming, which owns 99Liga, has announced that it is proud to have obtained this partnership and that its league will greatly benefit from it. The 13th season of 99Liga consists of 10 teams and its Finals will take place on December 21st in Dortmund, Germany.

TV 2 Denmark Acquires Danish Broadcast Rights for Big CS:GO Tour

TV 2 Denmark now has Danish broadcast rights for ESL and ESL Pro Tour for the next three years. With this move, TV 2 is looking to embrace esports and broadcast live CS:GO events to the Danes, who have famous teams involved in this game. And not only that, those teams also happen to be among the world’s best. Astralis dominated the CS:GO scene for close to a year in 2018-2019, and they are currently the number 1 team in the world again.

ESL Pro Tour will hold over 20 events from DreamHack and ESL across five continents. The total prize pool of those events will exceed the $5 million mark.

Written by: Radu Muresan

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