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Astralis Announces IPO

At the end of November, Astralis announced its intention to become the first esports team to go public.

About Astralis’ IPO

The IPO is scheduled to take place on December 9th on Nasdaq’s Copenhagen exchange for small firms. This date has not been picked at random. Given that the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals, which is one of the biggest CS:GO events of the season, will end on December 8th, it is likely that Astralis has done the math and figured that they could probably win the tournament and then have their IPO one day later, after they’ve proved to everybody one more time that they’re the greatest CS:GO team in the world.

According to Astralis’ official statements, the organization hopes to raise between 18 and 22 million dollars. Their shares are valued at $1.32 per share. The minimum amount you can purchase is 450 shares, which is roughly the equivalent of $594.

Bloomberg picked up the story and interviewed Nikolaj Nyholm (founder and co-CEO) about this important moment in the organization’s brief existence. After all, Astralis has only been around since the beginning of 2016. And now, just four years later, they’re one of the most dominant teams in the history of CS:GO and are about to become the first esports organization to go public.

This is what Nikolaj had to say:

“We believe that the foundation of some of the most valuable and iconic brands in 10 years’ time is being set today.”

No doubt, his enthusiasm has a strong foundation and we have every reason to believe that the IPO will be successful. Given the consistency of the team and the stability of their roster, it is quite clear that Astralis will dominate the pro scene for at least one more year, until the rest of the teams catch up with them. And as a result, their shares will probably go up in the near future, rewarding any investors who may want to sell their stock along the way with a decent amount.

Astralis Win StarLadder Berlin Major 2019
Astralis Win StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. Photo credits - HLTV.org

Astralis’ Story

Astralis is currently ranked as the number 1 CS:GO team in the world. And they have been in the top 3 for more than 18 months. Their dominance in CS:GO is already legendary, with almost no other team in the history of the game (except perhaps NiP) getting so many trophies in such a short period of time. All in all, Astralis has won four Majors and 18 big events in total, in just three years. Add to these trophies the large number of 2nd and 3rd – 4th place results, and you’ll soon understand why this team is one of the greatest in this history of the game.

Astralis has been playing with the same roster for almost two years. This gives them a huge advantage over most teams, because in CS:GO almost everyone is making moves in an attempt to optimize their performance. Being as dominant as they’ve been in the last 18 months, Astralis can just relax at this point and keep their roster unchanged for at least one more year.

Written by: Radu Muresan

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