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Covering Major Esports Titles

We stay up-to-date on the hottest esports titles and add new titles regularly to keep up with the ever-growing industry.


Dominating multiple industries, effortlessly!

We create esports content in a wide array of sectors, including betting sites, esports news portals, and game guide portals.


Affordable Esports Content

Our mission is to create engaging and captivating content at affordable prices.

We are a hard-working
team of esports experts.

Kord’s Network is a team of esports enthusiasts who know the industry inside and out. We’ve been playing video games as long as we can remember, and we pass our expertise on to you. Our aim is to deliver exceptional services that meet all your requirements, without breaking the bank! We deliver one-of-a-kind experiences every single time! Your satisfaction is our priority!


We write esports content

Partnerships with esports writers across the globe assure we can offer diverse perspectives and expert insights into esports around the globe. Our experts have been working in this industry for years and have mastered the ins and outs of writing exceptional esports content. Just let us know your requirements and we will deliver the best esports content marketing articles there is!


Our Creative Process


Got an idea for a new project? Share it with us and we’ll do the rest.


We’ll develop a sound strategy for you, including how many articles you need, release schedules, and specific games you should focus on.


Keywords are essential to your content’s success. Provide the keywords for us, or we’ll do the research and create optimized content.


One of our expert esports content writers will produce a high-quality article that fits your needs.


We write with keywords and SEO in mind to assure that your article gets the widest exposure possible.


We’ll provide editorial and publishing services and push your article out to your website, social media sites, and manage outside advertising.


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Esports Content

We are an esports content service that can provide you with the esports content you need, no matter what the sector you operate in.


Multiple Languages

Because Kord’s Network partners with writers all over the world, we are able to provide content in multiple languages that can target the populations you want to target.


Multiple Esports Sectors

Our large team of esports content writers gives us the ability to cover all sectors of the esports world, and we provide content in a variety of styles. We have a content expert to suit your needs.


SEO Optimization

Our highly skilled writers understand the importance of SEO and write esports content utilizing sound SEO strategy and implementing keywords that get your articles maximum exposure.


Esports Consultancy

When you’re looking for help navigating the esports world, we can help. Our consultancy services are a great choice for affiliate websites that may just be getting started.


Esports Articles Management

Kord’s Network is your full-service article management service, providing editing, selecting eye-catching images, and optimizing the article’s structure and release schedule.

Are you an esports

Think you know everything there is to know about esports? Then we want you to join our ever-growing network. Leave us a message with your experiences when it comes to esports writing and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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Betting Predictions

We provide articles that can predict outcomes for esports matches by explaining how a team will face the competitor, what is their position and how they played games in the past.


Game Guides

We will carefully assess your needs, conduct proper research and write how-to guides that will explain everything step by step, making it easier for readers to grasp the concept.

Video Game Communities

Game Reviews

We can provide esports game reviews, new releases etc that discuss the game in detail, reviewing various aspects that define a game properly when compared to the industry standards.

Esports New Portals

Esports Journalism

Our team of writers keeps themselves up-to-date on all the current trends and events in the esports world, including tournament updates, roster changes and hot topics.

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