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MLG CEO Launches Esports News Outlet – Esports.GG

Sundance Digiovanni, the co-founder and CEO of Major League Gaming, alongside a slew of other industry veterans, has launched a brand-new competitive gaming website called Esports.gg. The site will aim to bring daily news and coverage of competitive gaming events, along with more editorial content from its many contributors.

The website’s leadership is full of notable names in the world of esports; Adam Apicella, a co-founding employee of MLG; Kevin Rosenblatt from ESL; AJ Vayner Media head, AJ Vaynerchuck; and the head of Games Partnerships over at Snapchat, John Imah.

It doesn’t end there, as Esports.gg’s list of contributors is also made up of some of the most recognizable names in esports talent—from ex-professional players to high-level casters. Chris Puckett, known for Overwatch League analysis and as a caster for MLG back in the Halo 2 and 3 days, gave a quick breakdown of the site in a video posted Mar 26, calling it “the new home of esports.” He went on to state that he would be covering Call of Duty and Valorant and that the site would be aiming to have “the best of esports, all in one place,” all coming from “your favourite personalities.”Other members of the team are also experts in their respective fields, with Dota 2 caster and analyst (and high-level player in his own right) Capitalist taking on the site’s Dota 2 content, ex CS:GO pro Maniac heading up all Counter Strike news, and JWong handling their fighting games analysis—to name but a few.

MLG CEO Launches Esports News Outlet

This concept will allow fans to get their information from sources directly integrated into the scenes they are commenting on, and possibly glean new insight into behind-the-scenes areas of competitive esports that other sources couldn’t offer. As Editor in Chief of Esports.gg, Lawrence ‘Malystryx’ Phillips told Esports Insider:

There is typically a certain disconnect between the media and the talents/influencers of the industry. I’ve been on both sides of the fence so I’ve experienced it first hand. Having an outlet like Esports.GG, that can be the bridge between those two worlds is really exciting and I think massively important.

Esports.gg offers a unique opportunity for fans to gain some new understanding of their favourite esports, with sources much closer to the competitive gaming world than usual. This approach will also allow esports personalities to connect with fans and offer more in-depth content to a demographic that is always hungry to understand the ins-and-outs of their favourite teams, players, and strategies.

While the site is still in early days, the quality of the content will likely be a big draw for fans of competitive gaming, and will perhaps push other esports news sites to seek out content creators who are already aligned with the competitive scene.

Written by: Kord's Network

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